Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Laser Cut Project...

We are running many projects at the same time so things are getting very busy; but some time management skills are in place to ensure I keep up to date with everything! My favourite project at the minute is the CAD project in which I have used motifs from the Folkloric project to create these laser cut pieces. The images above are some of the samples which I have experimented with different materials. My favourite has to be the perspex bird design as I aim to produce some jewellery pieces from the perspex designs. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Made in Jesmond project...

What's the time Mr Wolf?

It's new project time again, and this time the aim of the game is to design a collection of products to sell in handmade haven Made in Jesmond. Working alongside the brief we have been given and sticking to the requirements and ethos of the shop I have decided to create a collection of printed scarves with the theme of 'time'. 
The images above are some of my recent and initial drawings, using some photographs which I have taken on a recent trip to New York and some of the Newcastle area such as Northern Goldsmiths clock. 
The initial drawings are mainly line drawings as I aim to introduce colour later in the project. I have used many different techniques such as continuous line, mono-printing and blind drawings.