Monday, 22 April 2013

Made in Jesmond...

We have set up the shop window in Made in Jesmond and it looks amazing! So for unique and hand designed items this is the perfect place to be! 

I am selling my own scarves in the shop, on the images below you are able to see the shop window which i helped merchandise as well as the merchandising team outside the newly finished window!
Vey pleased with the overall look of the shop and hopefully the products will sell well! 

Great North Museum Archives!

It's been a while since i last posted but i have been very busy! I attended a placement at Westcott Design Ltd in London to get a great experience of working in the printed textiles industry! It proved to be a valuable time, and i feel the things i learned on the way helped me realise new and exciting ways of using print. 
I would love to share my most recent photographs which i am currently taking into print, my FMP is based on natural forms and taking inspiration from these images and some amazing ones i have posted on my Pinterest pages, I hope to create a interesting print! 
The images were taking at a private viewing at the Great North Museum's archives and i focused my attention on the bones and antler room...